Bert Garrebeek. Caravan-Tribal Art. Forms and Colors


“Small enough to be different”


Our gallery is located in St. Jacobsgang – Impasse St. Jacques, the cradle of art galeries, a picturesque alley near the famous Brussels Sablon Square.
Bert Garrebeek and his gallery: “Caravan – Tribal Art” has been an established value for over 45 years and distinguishes himself from the rest by his passion for ‘shapes and colours’ of exotic cultures.
Each object has its own tale.
The goal of our  website is to introduce you to our artistic environment.
Let the mysteriosity of the objects seduce you and lead you through a whole different world, in which we would like to guide you.
We offer a broad selection of objects, suitable for everyone’s taste and pocket, in other words, affordable art!